APREA Reporting Toolkit

...what is it for, what does it do?

APREA offers a portal to the world’s best thinking on public real estate reporting practices.

In a globalising marketplace, it helps to keep track of evolving standards and norms.

APREA’s website places this information at your fingertips.

This website provides practitioners with a shortcut to prominent and respected resources.

The goal is to assist industry professionals form their own opinions about the specific reporting practices that help meet their legal obligations and broader community responsibilities.

This portal is a ‘living’ platform, we welcome your views on potential additions to the toolkit.

Please note that the inclusion of a document, standard, guidelines or practice in the toolkit does not in any way imply APREA endorsement.

The toolkit portal is provided below, and is available in PDF format here. 

  • Financial Reporting


  • Valuation


  • ESG


  • Earnings and Operating Income Performance


  • Fees (Interim)


  • Asset Management Resources


  • Best Practices Guidelines