Leading practice reporting

APREA helps foster a more informed, transparent and trusted marketplace.

APREA doesn’t dictate or preach; however, we can provide a guide to smart and effective reporting practices for AsiaPac REIT professionals.

We are currently updating our leading practice toolkit, which will supersede the old APREA Best Practice Guidelines.

We’d love to hear your views and tap into your experience. 

APREA’s new toolkit will be radically different from our old guidelines.

First, the toolkit will be online.

Second, we’ve divided the new toolkit into eight modules.

Each module outlines reporting policy principles, leading practices and links to helpful resources – think of them as “apps” for implementing leading practice techniques.

Of course, boards and senior executives are best placed to understand the needs of their companies and customers. However, APREA can help unlock insights and resources quickly and efficiently.

The toolkit also addresses sustainability and ESG issues by offering common sense solutions pioneered by global leaders, including a guide to the emerging arena of “stewardship”.

Another feature of the toolkit is to recognise the internationalisation of many standards from valuation and financial reporting to space measurement.

Unashamedly, APREA piggy backs on the inspired work of our friends at NAREIT, EPRA, REALPAC and the Property Council of Australia, as well as respected trailblazers, such as GRESB.

Where to from here? APREA’s member roundtables are reviewing the draft toolkit. We’ll then release the kit for comment.

However, please don’t hesitate to contact allan.zhang@aprea.aisa now if you’d like to get involved.