Sustainability & ESG Roundtable


The priorities of the Sustainability & ESG Roundtable are:

Re-boot APREA’s Sustainability Handbook, as Blueprints for Green Buildings, including:

  • reviewing the scope of the evolving ESG concept and its relevance to Asia
  • reviewing the content and format of APREA’s sustainability guidelines; and, aligning/integrating them with guidelines
  • produced by like-minded organisations
  • develop a business case for adopting ESG practices (with partners)
  • develop an online version of the revised guidelines for a potential toolkit ‘app’

Consider standardised ESG reporting metrics and an ‘entry level’ ESG reporting template (with APREA’s Industry Standards & Best Practice Roundtable (and partner organisations)

Work with partner organisations to better quantify “green dividends” and champion the regular publication of meaningful green indices

Work with like-minded groups to ensure major markets have access to practical rating tools

Publish a ‘state of play’ summary on ESG practices across Asia, commencing with eco-efficiency/productivity incentives and regulation

Work with GRESB to:

  •  increase the penetration of its survey in Asia
  • prepare a customised report on GRESB survey results relevant to AsiaPac that is published in a timely manner
  • better quantify the business case for green buildings (as noted aboce)

work with partners to more effectively promote ESG practices in Asia, including:

  • create an online portal to showcase outstanding ESG best practice and innovation (that links to existing platforms/portals);
  • conduct an annual green building roadshow to spotlight practical innovation, design, retrofit and management insights via case studies

Sustainability & ESG Roundtable

Yoo-Kyun Park

APG Asset Management Asia

Corrine Ng

APN Property Group

Emma McMahon


Stuart Kay

GreenPlace Assets

Ruben Langbroek


Tom Miller

LaSalle Investment Management

Simon Wild


Calvin Kwan

Link Management Limited

Vishal Bhavsar

Mahindra Lifespace Developers

Paul Chen


Todd Fehr


John Seaton


David Stanford