Leader’s Dialogue with a global leader

APREA India hosted Mr. Richard Bloxam, Member of the JLL Global Executive Board , Global CEO of Capital Markets, JLL for an exclusive Leader’s Dialogue. He was interviewed by APREA CEO Ms. Sigrid Zialcita. During the session Mr. Bloxam unravelled the aspects on investor movement, alignment to the emerging markets, how India compares to China and much more.

Dr. Samantak Das, Chief Economist and Head of Research & REIS, JLL introduced the newly launched JLL/APREA report, “Deconstructing India REITs.” The APREA India chapter board members Nitin Gupta, Gaurav Karnik, Gautam Mehra, V Hari Krishna, Ms. Sigrid Zialcita and the management at JLL Ramesh Nair, Dr. Samantak Das released the report.

Thank you to JLL and Ramesh Nair  CEO & Country Head in India at JLL and his team Anil Grover and Ritika Jethi for so kindly making the Leaders’ Dialogue/Meeting of Minds happen!

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