A message from APREA’s Chairman

APREA is a passport to real estate opportunities in AsiaPac.


  • helps members connect across borders;
  • provides you with the facts about AsiaPac’s real estate marketplace based on rigorous, independent research; and,
  • works with governments to help open-up and expand AsiaPac’s real estate markets.

APREA’s members are the leading property investors, fund managers, financial institutions, developers and professionals operating in the world’s most dynamic real estate hubs.

APREA’s cross-border investment focus is ideal for companies looking to explore opportunities in AsiaPac and beyond.

Our growing “member connect” programs can link you with new business networks.

In addition, APREA’s expanding research platform offers a stream of insights into market trends and leading practices.

Finally, APREA is the only pan-AsiaPac advocate for the real estate industry.

Our strong relationships with governments mean your voice is heard.

On behalf of my fellow board members, I invite you to join APREA.

John Lim
APREA Chairman

APREA’s focus is Asia-Pac Cross-border Investment – both inbound and outbound…

What is APREA?


  • your advocate – an influential voice that persuades governments to improve the landscape and ground rules for doing business;
  • your business connector – we help members build markets and unlock commercial opportunities; and,
  • your portal to critical market intelligence

APREA’s chapters and regional network

7 reasons to join APREA

….help shape the business landscape

APREA works with governments to open up new real estate markets and improve existing ground rules for doing business.

APREA membership offers direct insights into these campaigns.

APREA provides a respected and objective voice for our industry, which means individual firms do not need to directly deal with governments where they do not wish to.

Advocacy Priorities

  • Get REITs & infrastructure trusts across AsiaPac
  • Ensure trusts cover both listed and private markets
  • Modernise cross-border tax rules
  • Ensure global standards and
    directives suit AsiaPac
  • Champion a funds passport regime for AsiaPac
  • Liberalise cross-border investment rules


…APREA helps you connect to business opportunities and partners

Members access:

■ APREA’s AsiaPac Property Leaders Summit
■ Trade missions and study tours
■ Marquee events in gateway cities
■ Networking seminars on hot topics
■ Webinars


APREA engages investors to raise their awareness of AsiaPac real estate opportunities and YOU.


….your shortcut to corporate insights

APREA provides the latest thinking on practical industry standards, leading practices and incisive case studies.


….we help you stay ahead of the pack

APREA members access:
■ Our weekly e-newsletter
■ Alerts on new laws & regulations
■ Primers on new rules
■ Briefings on topical issues


….boost skills

Access one of the world’s most respected real estate training platforms.

Your Research HUB

….your portal to critical market intelligence

APREA members can access valuable data on:

APREA’s member benefits - in a nutshell

APREA’s commitment APREA’s services
Connect with investors and new markets ◙ APREA’s annual AsiaPac Property Leaders Summit

◙ Investor days

◙ Trade missions & study tours

◙ CEO & VIP roundtables and Chairman’s Trust events

◙ Global property alliance

◙ Marquee forums and chapter events across AsiaPac

◙ Member roundtables and chapter boards (see below)
Shape the ground rules for doing business ◙ Participate in industry advocacy campaigns

◙ Engage with policy-makers

◙ Participate in the member roundtables that set APREA’s priorities
Deep dive into smart research ◙ Access research studies and benchmarks

◙ Access APREA’s Market Intelligence Portal

◙ Webinars
Lock into better tools for doing business ◙ Benchmarks and standards

◙ Guidelines

◙ Case studies

◙ Business apps
Deliver world class professional development programs ◙ Access the Oxford Brookes University's real estate investment programs, including certificates, diplomas and Masters degrees

◙ Young people mentoring

APREA’s member roundtables: driving the agenda

All advocacy campaigns and industry codes


Investor interface programs, standards and leading practice

Investor interface

APREA’s research agenda, market intelligence portal, think tank priorities and professional development

Market intelligence

Reporting guidelines, sustainability trends, case study portal, green business case


The APREA AsiaPac Property Leaders Summit, marquee events, roadshows and trade missions

Business networking

Member recruitment and value delivery


Member recruitment and value delivery

Membership Type


Government authority
Sovereign wealth/Pension fund

Pension and sovereign wealth funds that manage third part monies are asked to join as full members. Discounts are available for companies in emerging markets, where entities manage or control funds below USD500 million. Please access for further details or contact us on the numbers listed overleaf

Join 12,000 industry professionals…. ….across 18 countries and more than 100 property markets

APREA’s membership:
❑ Sovereign wealth and pension funds
❑ Institutional investors
❑ Financial institutions and investment banks
❑ Investment managers, including private funds and REITs
❑ Family office platforms
❑ Property companies and developers
❑ Real estate service providers
❑ Government authorities
❑ Academic institutions

What Next?
Please contact us to discuss what APREA can do for your company on any of these numbers or email us at

Singapore (all AsiaPac): +65 6438 1110 (Allan Zhang)
India: +91 998 758 7550 (Neetu Singh)
Hong Kong: +852 945 786 38 (Gordon Tang)
Japan: +81 801 019 3053 (Koko Shinoda)