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Saturday, 20 January 2018
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The Asia Pacific Real Estate Association (APREA) represents and promotes the real estate sector across the whole of Asia Pacific. We already have a membership of over 150 covering a wide spectrum of the industry since being established in 2005.

So, why do we need a Japan Chapter?

Asia Pacific is a large and diverse region and each market has different and pressing needs. A dedicated Japan Chapter ensures a far more effective delivery of services to APREA’s members in Japan.

APREA is a regional association. It has no national alignments and is dedicated to improving the investment environment throughout the region. A dedicated Japan chapter adds to APREA’s operational effectiveness.

In promoting the Association on-the-ground, the Chapter also continues the growth in APREA membership in Japan.

APREA also has member chapters in Hong Kong and Singapore. They are part of APREA’s ultimate aim to decentralize its functions and establish member chapters in all key markets in the region.

Who to contact:

The Japan Chapter is led by a Japan Chapter Board. The members of the Board are as follows:

  • Rio Minami, Head of Capital Transactions, Real Estate
    BlackRock Japan Co., Ltd.
  • Takashi Tsuji, President and CEO
    Diamond Realty Management Inc.
  • Masatoshi Matsuo, President & CEO
    Genkai Capital Management Co., Ltd
  • Toru Tsuji, President & CEO
    Mitsubishi Corp.-UBS Realty Inc.
  • Takuya Kuga, GM, Head of Urban Development Department
    Mitsubishi Corporation
  • Keiko Otsuki, Senior Advisor, Real Estate Group
    Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities Co Ltd 
  • Miki "Mike" Yamada, President - Japan


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