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Thursday, 18 January 2018
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The following are recent and current project highlights. For more information please contact the APREA office. 
You can also refer to the APREA 2013 annual report.


    Setting Standards
    ·       Various submissions regarding accounting and financial reporting standards for real estate entities
    ·       Advocacy to regulators in Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore
    ·       Ongoing assistance to regulators to establish new REIT markets in India and the Philippines
    ·       Proposals for real estate fund legislation in India and Thailand
    ·       Promotion of the International Valuation Standards of IVSC
    ·       Foundation member of the International Property Measurement Standards Coalition (IPMSC)
    ·       Annual Best Practices Awards
    ·       Annual Substainability Awards
    ·       Best Practices Handbook
    ·       White paper research reports
    ·       Substainabiity Handbook
    Expansion of Chapters and Committees
    ·       Establishment of member chapters in India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, the Philippines and Malaysia
    ·       Committees – Best Practices, Index, Regulatory, Research, Sustainability and Valuation 
    ·       New committee - tax
    Improving Member Services
    ·       Regular member-only events
    ·       Increased research and information available to members
    ·       APREA Institute programs in Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the Philippines and Malaysia
    ·       Successful annual Property Leaders Forum in Hong Kong 2014
    ·       Regular industry events around the region
    ·       In-house training
    ·       Study tours
    ·       An extensive committee structure and reach committed to promoting the interests of the real estate investment industry in Asia
    Current and Recently Completed Research Projects
    ·       The Asian real estate market – size and shape
    ·       The increasing importance of real estate for Asian pension funds
    ·       The performance of listed Asia Pacific real estate
    ·       The pros and cons of internal vs external management
    ·       The approach to ESG in Asia
    ·       Asian commercial real estate as an inflation hedge
    ·       A comparative analysis of the regulation and taxation of REITs in Asia Pacific
    ·       The impact that REITs have had on Asian economies
    ·       The linkages in performance of listed and direct real estate in Asia
    Regular APREA Research Reports
    ·       Asian transaction report (with Real Capital Analytics)
    ·       Debt and equity raisings, debt maturity and NAV analysis (with SNL)
    ·       Quarterly Asia Pacific REIT compendium
    ·       Monthly Asian property securities funds performance report
    ·       Real Estate Monthly
    Programs to Enhance Access to Institutional Investors and Funds
    ·       Investor Day in April each year
    ·       Study tours
    ·       CEO roundtables
    ·       Chapter boardroom lunches
    ·       Assistance in arranging and hosting investor missions
    ·       Cross border investment workshops
    ·       Thomson Reuters/GPR/APREA Asia Pacific listed real estate index series
    ·       Asian real estate fund benchmark, in partnership with Cambridge Associates


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