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This portal offers you the tools and insights to help improve your real estate portfolio’s sustainability performance.

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Do “green” portfolios perform better than the rest of the market – “brown” portfolios?

By “green” we mean portfolios that implement smart ESG – environmental, social and governance – practices.

There’ splenty of evidence to answer “yes” in Europe, North America and Australia, but what about Asia?

Stand on the shoulders of the market leaders.

Learn from their tips, and avoid the traps.

Check out APREA’s showcase of world class new buildings and retrofits.

Find out which building design and management strategies offer the best bang for your buck, Yen, Rupee, Yuan or….

Governments are taking a more active interest in ESG and sustainability.

Learn about:

The carrots  government incentives

The sticks  the increasing expectations of Asian governments about how you run your businesses and buildings.

GRESB assesses around 850 real estate portfolios, jointly more than USD 3.7 trillion in assets under management each year.

Read here for the latest on how Asia compares to the rest of the world.

Would you like a shortcut to the world’s best ESG resources?

Check out APREA’s portal of tried and tested strategies you can adapt to your own needs and priorities.

What is stewardship?

Is it part of governance or something new?

One thing is for sure, “stewardship” is an increasingly important concept and APREA has assembled the best thinking on this emerging issue for Asian businesses.

Integrated reporting joins the dots between traditional financial reporting, statutory reporting and ESG issues.

These case studies show how some firms have tackled the task of breaking through reporting silos.

They may help you craft an approach relevant to your needs.