The Real Estate Investment Finance (REIF) program (MSc/PG Diploma and OBU Certificate)

This is an open-learning program which is delivered online, offering students a flexible and innovative way to study. It also offers a series of complementary networking seminars which give students face-to-face learning.

The REIF program is offered at three levels:

  •  OBU Certificate: 1-2 years
  •  Postgraduate Diploma (PG Diploma): 1-2 years
  •  Master of Science (MSc)18 months – 5 years

MSc / PG Diploma

The PG Diploma and MSc program have an entry requirement of a first class or upper second class honours degree or equivalent.

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The OBU CertificatePG Diploma and MSc share the four core modules.

  •  The Real Estate Investment Market
  •  Applied Real Estate Valuation  
  •  Real Estate Finance and Investment  
  •  Legal and Regulatory Considerations

There are two additional modules for the MSc:

  •  Applied Research Methods  
  •  MSc Dissertation
The Real Estate Investment Market
This module aims to provide an understanding of the fundamentals and principles of the real estate investment market via six learning packages: 
• Real estate assets, drivers and cycles
• Investment strategies and models
• Real estate lifecycles
• Real estate sectors and risks
• Real estate management – asset, fund and portfolio 
• Real estate stakeholders.
Applied Real Estate Valuation
Looking at the valuation of real estate from two perspectives – real estate valuer and capital market valuation, this module compares and contrasts those perspectives via the following learning packages: 
• Valuation concepts and the appraisal process
• Valuation standards
• Valuation techniques
• Valuation modelling
• Sustainability and property valuations
• Due diligence.
Real Estate Finance and Investment
Real estate investment requires significant amounts of finance and this module provides the framework for developing understanding of the financial and business context in which a real estate organisation functions. The learning packages include: 
• Financial reporting and the property business
• Sources and costs of capital
• Investment appraisal and management of risk
• The property market and the capital markets
• Property-backed securities
• Property taxation.
Legal and Regulatory Considerations
This module brings together a number of regulatory and tax principles and issues that are implicit in many of the topics covered in the other modules via the following learning packages: 
• Business legal structures
• Property rights and land laws
• Financial services regulatory framework
• Regulating the raising of finance
• Regulation of foreign investment and unlisted real estate funds
• Corporate social responsibility and the control of money laundering and corrupt practices.
MSc Applied Research Methods
Through the development of research skills, this module complements the overall MSc program by providing students with the opportunity to draw on all of the core modules to inform and direct the choice of dissertation subject. 
MSc Dissertation
The aim of the dissertation is to enable students to carry out and write up an extended piece of research focused on their chosen area. Students are encouraged to undertake research in an area of interest to their employers where appropriate.

The OBU Certificate

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The Certificate of Real Estate Investment Finance program has been completely redesigned and fully validated by Oxford Brookes University.

The MSc REIF is accredited by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

The program is currently accepting applications. To discover more:  

  1. MSc/PG Diploma, please click here
  2. the OBU Certificate, please click here

REIF Brochure

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